ChicagoNet Netenant

Simplify Your Life 

Netenant is a totally managed solution. Our fully trained connection specialists and technicians allow you to focus on your business while we handle your tenant internet requests. 

No Capital Outlay. No Muss. No Fuss 

Netenant's patent pending technology utilizes the existing building phone system and wiring. We supply all of the necessary equipment so there's no need to worry about compatibility issues or equipment obsolesce. We bear that risk for you. 

How does it work? 

Once your building is enabled, tenant companies just Plug-In to the provided wall jacks or connect the furnished equipment  to their Local Area Network (LAN) to have instant Internet connectivity. The service options are simple, each tenant pays only for the bandwidth that they need. An unlimited number of users can connect to the internet, and bandwidth can be increased on a per tenant basis in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. New tenants are able to order a high-speed connection and have service within a week. What's more our high speed, "always on" services are available everywhere, even where DSL and Cable are not offered. 

Superior Fiber Optic Solution 

Our high speed, "always on" fiber optic services are available everywhere and are vastly superior to Cable and DSL technologies, providing the kind of  reliability and security which today's business customer demands. 

World Class Speed, Service and Reliability 

Experience counts. We are a  proven ISP which has been providing dedicated circuits, email, domain services, web hosting services and news services to our customers  since 1994. Netenant enabled properties deliver a full menu of solutions including high-speed Internet access, email, domain services, web hosting VPN, remote dial in,  and remote dial up access. Netenant customers enjoy the freedom to select as many or as few of the services as they like. ChicagoNet Netenant brings your building the best in business class Internet connectivity along with comprehensive measures to protect your tenant company's data. Our multi-homed, redundant network backbone utilizing UUNet, Sprint and AT&T assure coverage throughout 80% of the internet without passing through the congested Internet "peering points". 

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Plug-and-Play Access Across the Room or Across the World. 

Netenant's patent pending technology enable tenant customers to extend their connection to every room on there premise without additional service charges. Tenant customers enjoy the benefit of connecting single or multiple computers in multiple locations of there home or office without the complexity of local area networking concerns. Our solutions are truly Plug-and-Play. In addition, Netenant customers may access their office network while on the road by utilizing NetenantVPN, a service available to business customers which allows Secure remote access to their private data network.