ChicagoNet Netenant

Affordable Fiber Optic High Speed Internet Connectivity

Netenant enabled properties allow your business or home to to enjoy the benefit of having affordable high-speed Internet access.  Netenant's patent pending technology enable tenant customers to extend their connection to every room on there premise without additional service charges. Bandwidth speeds are available from 256K up to 45MB.  As a tenant, you can connect your computer or Local Area Network (LAN) using our simple "plug-n-play" method. What's more, our high speed, "always on" services are available everywhere, even where DSL and Cable are not offered.

Netenant 256
Committed Information Rate - 256 Kbs.

Netenant 512
Committed Information Rate -  512 Kbs.

Netenant 768
Committed Information Rate -  768 Kbs.

Netenant 1.1M
Committed Information Rate -  1.1 Mbs.

Netenant T1
Full T1 access. 
Committed Information Rate - 1.544 Mbs.

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Netenant Services

Send and read your office or personal email any time, anywhere, from any computer connected to the internet.

More than 2,000 National and International Dial in access locations. 

Connect securely to your Office LAN from any remote location.

View your bandwidth usage and statistics from any web browser. 

Domain registration and Hosting Solutions.